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My name is Sharon and I am the Minister at Wheatley Lane Methodist Church. I can be found there most Sunday mornings. If you’ve been thinking of coming along, then I would like to encourage you to do so, you would be most welcome. If you would rather chat in person / online first, you can find me on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/sharonjthraves or email me at Sharon.Thraves(+)methodist.org.uk. Why not send me a message. You may also see me in the village or at the local school, please feel free to stop me and say ‘Hi’.


I am passionate about building a loving, harmonious, interdependent community; believing this to be a reflection of the universe that God created and the way of peace. For me, this is the message of hope that Jesus Christ died defending and I believe he calls his Church to continue broadcasting that same message which can be summed up in three words: God is Love. Sounds simple and it is, but there is real joy and challenge to be found in unpacking just what this means for us. 



I love singing, sci-fi, country walks and cake (although I’m rubbish at baking).


I hope to see you soon…






Minister’s Page

I have just returned from Methodist Conference, delighted to have been able to be part of the congregation witnessing the ordination of Gail Morgan as Deacon (many of you will remember Gail as a preacher in the Circuit).
Many issues and ideas were raised at Conference, which we will have an opportunity to hear about and discuss over the next few months. One such idea was from a report to Conference on the 'Gift of Connexionalism'. I wonder what this phrase means to you; something to ponder over the summer perhaps…
In a culture where 'I / my / me / mine' have become words that are perhaps overused, could it be that the gift of connexionalism is something Methodists have to share with the world? The Methodist Connexion is who we are - the collective of people called Methodists, gathered into congregations up and down the country - across the world even, watching over one another in love, interdependent; a mirror of Biblical community and an outward sign of God as community (Trinity). Could it be that we, as Methodist people, are called to share this gift with our brothers and sisters in Christ? Is the gift of connexionalism our contribution to the relationship between the various congregations of Christians that meet in our town? If this is our calling, how are we doing? Have you been to visit one of our neighbouring congregations recently? Could you get involved / organise an ecumenical event?
There has been a lot of upset in our land recently, breading hatred and mistrust. We live in a diverse community. What should the response be of the people called Methodists to all this? Should we join in the rhetoric, calling for an end to 'tolerance' and 'liberalism', or, should we be using our gift of connexionalism to make a defiant stand in the name of peace and love of neighbour?
What will you do this summer? How will you spend your time? Will it be all about 'getting away from it all', in the knowledge that, at some point, you have to return and the world will still be in the same mess as when you retreated from it? Or, could this summer in fact be the time when you take a step forward in your journey with Jesus, get involved… get connected…? Is this summer the time for you to be part of taking the gift of connexionalism to the world?