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My name is Sharon and I am the Minister at Wheatley Lane Methodist Church. I can be found there most Sunday mornings. If you’ve been thinking of coming along, then I would like to encourage you to do so, you would be most welcome. If you would rather chat in person / online first, you can find me on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/sharonjthraves or email me at Sharon.Thraves(+)methodist.org.uk. Why not send me a message. You may also see me in the village or at the local school, please feel free to stop me and say ‘Hi’.


I am passionate about building a loving, harmonious, interdependent community; believing this to be a reflection of the universe that God created and the way of peace. For me, this is the message of hope that Jesus Christ died defending and I believe he calls his Church to continue broadcasting that same message which can be summed up in three words: God is Love. Sounds simple and it is, but there is real joy and challenge to be found in unpacking just what this means for us. 



I love singing, sci-fi, country walks and cake (although I’m rubbish at baking).


I hope to see you soon…






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Today, 12:20
Trevor (trevor+wheatleylane-methodist.co.uk)

Hi Trevor

This might be the last one I do.

In the spirit of the famous quote attributed to Mother Theresa:

If you show love to people, some will throw it back in your face – show
love anyway.
If you are joyful today, sorrow may be just around the corner – be
joyful today anyway.
If you seek to bring peace, some will repay your efforts with hostility
– seek peace anyway.
If you exercise patience, it will be tested to the limit – exercise
patience anyway.
If you show kindness, some will take advantage of you – show kindness
If you are good to others, they may not be good in return – be good
If you are faithful, you may still face betrayal – be faithful anyway.
If you show gentleness, others may trample on you – be gentle anyway.
If you exercise self-control, others may lash out – exercise
self-control anyway.