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My name is Sharon and I am the Minister at Wheatley Lane Methodist Church. I can be found there most Sunday mornings. If you’ve been thinking of coming along, then I would like to encourage you to do so, you would be most welcome. If you would rather chat in person / online first, you can find me on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/sharon.thravespennington or email me at Sharon.ThravesPennington(+)methodist.org.uk. Why not send me a message. You may also see me in the village or at the local school, please feel free to stop me and say ‘Hi’.


I am passionate about building a loving, harmonious, interdependent community; believing this to be a reflection of the universe that God created and the way of peace. For me, this is the message of hope that Jesus Christ died defending and I believe he calls his Church to continue broadcasting that same message which can be summed up in three words: God is Love. Sounds simple and it is, but there is real joy and challenge to be found in unpacking just what this means for us. 



I love singing, sci-fi, country walks and cake (although I’m rubbish at baking).


I hope to see you soon…






Minister’s Page

In case you were away over Easter, I thought I would update the page with a summary of what I shared on Resurrection Day…
At Messy Monday, we played a game you might remember from your own childhood; we all sat in a circle and one person walked around the outside of the circle as we sang:
“I wrote a letter to my friend and on the way I dropped it
One of you has picked it up and put it in your pocket”
The letter writer then taps one from the group on the head, declaring they are the one with the letter and a race around the circle for the empty space ensues…
I wonder what happens to that letter… Does the friend ever get it, or does it remain forever in the pocket, unread?
So, as Peter says… you know the message…
It is spelled out quite clearly in Scripture (See John 20: 1 – 18)
You know that the message spread throughout Judea. You know that people like Peter, John and Mary, ordinary men and women, witnessed the resurrection of Jesus from the dead and it changed their lives forever. So much so that they were willing to undergo persecution – even death, rather than deny what they had seen. Because of what has been recorded in Scripture by these people and those who came immediately after them, you know that the prophets from the Old Testament were all prophesying about Jesus too; from Isaiah and his prophecy about the suffering servant to Zechariah prophesying about him being a King of Peace who rides on a donkey.
Acts 10:34-43 is set in the context of a revelation to Peter in which he discovers that God shows no favouritism, but will accept anyone who shows reverence to God and seeks to live a good life, even someone who is not a Jew! Even someone who doesn’t then convert to Judaism! Previously, the understanding had been that anyone who wanted to become one of God’s people must convert to Judaism and that even then, they would be like ‘second class’ Jews.
Without this revelation, we could not be here. We’d all still be worshipping trees and sacrificing our children!
Instead, ironically, we worship the one who sacrificed himself for our sakes upon a tree. Some of us wear the symbol around our necks. He is the one who restored peace between humanity and God. He is the one who presides over us as kingly judge. He is the one who, as Judge, as King, as Son of God, drew a line in the sand and challenged anyone who was without sin to cross it to condemn another, refusing to condemn himself, who rode into town on a peaceful donkey rather than a war horse, who knelt at our feet and washed them, who allowed his body to be broken and his blood to be spilled to save us from our own foolish and destructive ways.
He is the one who commands us to tell others what we know. This message of peace between humanity and God. The good news that God’s love for us is so strong that even death is not a barrier… You know the message… What will you do with it? Amen.