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Wearing of Face coverings in Church.
We would like to remind everyone that current Government guidance is that although the country has moved to a 'personal perception of risk-based' approach regarding the wearing of face masks, it is also expected that people will continue to wear them in crowded and enclosed spaces where you come into close contact with others. We feel that our church comes into this category, due to its small size and low ceiling, therefore we respectfully ask that you continue to wear a facemask when you come to church, at least for the foreseeable future. As always, we will have disposable masks available at the entrance if you've forgotten yours. Thank you for considering the needs of others in this matter. This includes children of primary school age upwards.

If, however, you do wish to attend church without a face-covering, upstairs space will be available from this Sunday.

We are now singing all our songs, but will continue to wear masks while doing so.

Our Church Leadership Team are regularly reviewing the current measures we have in place in our building, to carefully balance our wellbeing with lifting of restrictions.

Our Church Leadership Team are regularly reviewing the current measures we have in place in our building, to carefully balance our wellbeing with lifting of restrictions.


Worship also continues virtually on our church Facebook page, and a fortnightly circuit zoom service, you can find the login details for zoom services in the weekly circuit newsletter.

Offering will once again be taken during the service on Sunday morning. If you prefer you may wish to do Bank Transfer. Susan Summersgill our Church Treasurer, will give you the details you need to do this.

Email notices will be published fortnightly while COVID restrictions continue.
Please give Linda Rogers any notices to be included in our next email notices

It is hoped that we can soon resume having flowers
on the communion table each Sunday. Following
the service these flowers are taken out to individuals
or families for varying reasons. These flowers are
provided by members of our church family and we
are asking if you may be able to provide a bunch occasionally.
We are also in need of volunteers to take flowers out after the
service on Sunday mornings, as with all church volunteering,
one would need to have attended a Church safeguarding
training session and hold a church DBS certificate.
If you feel you could help or contribute in this way, please see
We now have a jar in the entrance/porch if you would like to put a donation towards flowers for the communion table. These flowers are taken out to people in our community after the service. 

Christmas Greetings (Screens).
Donations from the Christmas greetings raised £86
And the Christmas day retiring collection raised £64
Thank you to all who contributed

200 Church Anniversary 2024
We will be holding our first planning meeting on Wednesday 2nd February, in church. This will be to look at initial ideas and thoughts of what we might like to do in celebration of this significant anniversary.
We are interested in what you want to say and do and to hear if you would be willing to be involved in these special events.
Please come along if you are interested.


Our prayer team meet every Tuesday 6pm on zoom, for half an hour.
Anyone interested in joining us please contact Esther for the zoom log in.
or mobile: 07462746492. 

If anyone has any prayer requests please contact Maureen, Helen, Michelle or Carole.
Maureen: 01282 603245
Carole: c.eldon@btinternet.com
Helen: 01282 694065

Thank you.





Following our church council meeting on the 1st Nov, it has been decided to extend the postponement of Junior and Totís Church and Family Worship until the end of the month.

The children are welcome to attend ordinary church services with their parents during this time. However, we do ask that unless sitting upstairs, they too wear a face covering at all times.

You will find any updates here in our notices or on our church Facebook page.
(Please note this is a closed group and you will need to request to join and answer the relevant questions.)
Thank you for your support and take care of each other.

If you have any queries, please speak to Jill Heaton or one of the other JC leaders.

For Totís Church information please contact, Joanne, Alison or Louise.

Messy Monday, Friday totís and WLtDO (Dadís group)
Following the increase of covid in our school and area we are having to re-think the start date of all our group sessions, and will now be reviewed early Jan 2022.
We do need additional volunteers to enable these groups to run. This includes helping with refreshment or setting up the church in preparation.  If you could help us with this, please speak to Ian, Denise or Maureen.

We also need someone to take on the leadership of WLtDO dadís group on Saturday mornings, and volunteers to help.
As with all groups unless we have volunteer leaders from our church membership and helpers, these groups will not be able to restart. Please contact Neil Heaton for WLtDO or a member of the CLT 

Church Facebook Group
You will find further updates and information on our church Facebook page.

(Please note this is a closed group and you will need to request to join and answer the relevant questions.)

Dear Friends,
We wonder if you would like to help with our Lost Sheep Hunt event which will take place over May Day Bank Holiday weekend, Sat 30th April, Sunday 1st May and Monday 2nd May 11am - 3pm. This is a Fund-raising event to raise money for our Church Building Fund. 
We are looking for volunteers to display a 'Lost Sheep' in their window or garden. And we are looking for homes/properties in Wheatley Lane between Cuckstool Lane and Glen terrace, bottom entrance to WL from the bypass, see map below.
All you will need to do is...
1.     Let us know whether you wish to make your own sheep or would like us to provide you with one. (Ask Denise for more info on this.)
2.     Put the sheep with its number, somewhere visible from the road/pavement in your window or garden etc.  between the hours of 11am to 3pm on Saturday, Sunday and Monday, 30th April, 1st and 2nd May. (Numbers will be provided.)
Please do not mention to others if you do take part, as this is a hunt not a trail.
We hope you are able to help us, if you could RSVP asap, we would be very grateful.
Thank you
Denise Wheeler.
CLT and Fund-Raising Team

email: denart@sky.com WhatsApp or FB messenger.
Linda: 01282 618827 or Maureen: 01282 603245
Thank you.

We are always looking for new alternative ways of fundraising.
If you have any ideas please speak to Maureen, Linda or Denise

Just a little about why we are FundraisingÖ.
Our church, which is grade 2 listed, was built in 1824 and extended and remodelled in 1867, so we celebrate its 200th birthday in 2024. We want to start its third century in the best possible condition so as to continue the work which has been faithfully carried our in our village for so many years.
We want to renew our heating system, not only to ensure comfort, but also to reduce our carbon footprint. We want to refurbish our windows and if possible, to double glaze them. Our roof is becoming a maintenance issue, so we would like to strip and re-slate it to make it good for many years to come, and at the same time to insulate it.
We are privileged to be able to use a beautiful building, and we have a duty to care for it for future generations.
This FaceBook page has been set up to reach a wider audience with our fundraising projects, and we hope you will find something here that appeals to you.

Mission and Care Fund (Previously known as the Benevolent Fund).
As many of you will be aware, for a number of years, we have paid 10% of our income into this fund. This fund can then be accessed in order to help local and national charities, especially during crisis times, and, to help local people who may be struggling financially. We also use the fund to put together small Ďcare packagesí, which are taken to individuals who just need to know that someone is thinking about them.
This has proved to be a hugely successful part of our work and witness in our local community. Unfortunately, due to the lockdown preventing us from being able to worship together, which led to a considerable reduction in our income, earlier this year, we had to make the difficult decision to suspend the 10% payment into this fund.
Despite this, we have still been able to access the money in the fund, and have spent in the region of £1000 over the past year helping both individuals and charities, when the need arose.
I am now pleased to inform you, that as we are now back in church, and our regular giving has begun to increase once again, at our last church council, we agreed to recommence putting a percentage of our income into the fund once again.  At the present time we agreed that this would be at 5%, but with a view to this increasing back to the full 10% in the not-too-distant future.
We hope you are happy with our decision to do this, as we believe that it is important that our church looks outwardly in respect to giving, rather than just internally.
If you require any further details on the Mission Care Fund, or if you know of anybody who may benefit from help from the fund, please do not hesitate to contact any of the church leadership team.